Women Hair Loss Treatments

Women Hair Loss Treatments

Women Hair Loss Treatments

Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist understands and successfully implements women hair loss treatments once accurate diagnosis has been made. Genetically inherited hair loss in women termed Female Pattern Thinning (FMPT), is a recessive trait meaning you inherit the FMPT gene from both parents to be genetically predisposed to the hair thinning which is similar in effect as Male Pattern Thinning (MPT). FMPT women hair loss treatments at Absolique Hair Health Clinic are designed with women’s hair styling needs in mind.
If the genetic inheritance is strong, which you will know by looking at your family back ground, you may show female pattern thinning without any other causative factors and women hair loss treatments may be simple and focused on prevention.
This is unusual in most women, but if it is happening to you, and you can see a pattern with others in your family, early diagnosis, and preventative measures through simple women hair loss treatments may be all that is necessary to stop this type of hair loss affecting you and your generation of family members.
Female Pattern Thinning is genetically inherited, but is also caused by hormonal and environmental influences that we are all exposed to which triggers the hair thinning, this understanding must be considered and the effect on the hair cycle before choosing women hair loss treatments.
Female Pattern Thinning is commonly found in association with any or a number of the following conditions and the effect must be considered for correct women hair loss treatments:
• Women with PMT symptoms and monthly menstrual cycle problems
• Hormonal Influences and Imbalances
• Post Partum Alopecia (Post Pregnancy Hair Loss)
• Iron Deficiency and Anemia
• Thyroid Imbalances and Fluctuations
• Blood Sugar Fluctuations and Diabetes
• Loose Anagen Syndrome – diffuse hair loss
• Telogen Effluvium – diffuse hair loss
• Menopause
• Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Hair loss treatment can be completed at Absolique Hair Health Clinic or in the privacy of your own home, under the supervision of your Absolique Trichologist.
Female hair loss treatments may include natural supplements, topical applications, laser therapy or in most cases, a combination of therapy to address your individual diagnosis.
Hair Loss Treatment always responds quicker and is more successful the earlier the diagnosis is made.

Yours in Healthy Hair,
Carolyn Evans I.A.T. Trichologist
Absolique Hair Health Clinic


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