Wild Sex Tea for Males and Females! Launch Video! Order Today!

Wild Sex Tea for Males and Females! Launch Video! Order Today!

http://Facebook.com/HappyBedroomTea – For More Info – Email – WellnessLadyKesha@gmail.com or Call – 954-880-7926 (please send text first) – This video is an overview of a new all natural herbal organic supplement called “WILD SEX TEA!” a.k.a. “HAPPY BEDROOM TEA!” – for MEN and WOMEN! Wild Sex Tea is a Special Blend of Organic NATURAL Herbs to Increase Energy, General Health and Sexual Stamina! YES! It is time to put some excitement back in the bedroom with a safe, healthy and fun alternative to harmful products on the market! This product is safe enough to be taken daily* but for BEST PERFORMANCE use 2 packets which equal 1/4 tablespoon each into at least 8 ounces of HOT WATER! Results will vary but most users experience a positive change in the body after 30 minutes to 45 minutes.* On a daily basis, this product is very effective to fight against Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Diabetes while increasing bone health, testosterone levels and the immune system.
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**UPDATED COST$ – Each Regular size package will contain 7 packets instead of 6 packets for $15.00 U.S. Dollars** Now giving you a FULL week supply to use one packet daily for a healthy energy drink that will help at work, in the gym and in the bedroom.
All Sales are FINAL and Mail Delivery is Prompt.
Express Mailings are $8.00 Extra.
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WhatsApp ID – “Kesha CmeShine Consulting”
Instagram – “KeshaMurray88”
**$2.00 extra fee when using payment via SquareUp.com, Invoices are sent upon request or Manual Entry.
**INCOME OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE w/Bulk Sales of 15 Regular Packages or more.
**Sample 1 Serving Bags are $5.00 w/2 packets
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MAIN INGREDIENTS for MALES – Maca Root, Moringa Leaves, Horny Goat Weed, Saw Palmetto Berries, Yohimbe Root with Red Ginseng and other healing herbs for Male sex organs. Sweetened with Organic Stevia. *Drink plenty of water daily. *Men with severe liver or kidney issues, should avoid prolonged use of this product.

MAIN INGREDIENTS for FEMALES – Wild Yam Root, Red Raspberry Leaves, Moringa Leaves, Maca Root with Red Ginseng and other healing organic herbs for female sex organs. Sweetened with Organic Stevia. *Females should NOT use during MENSTRUAL CYCLE. Drink plenty of water daily. *Also, women with Thyroid issues should avoid prolonged use of this product due to “Maca” herb.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

You can also contact my Business Partner, Dr. Wardine Saunders a.ka. “Zehira” at FeelingMuchBetter.com or Contact her directly at 954-709-7584 – Email – FeelingMuchBetter7@gmail.com

South Florida residents can visit – African Fashion Boutique –
ask for Ms. Pat (Patrice Ode) –
3487 N. W. 19th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311
Cell – 954-696-1748. Hours of Operation – Tuesday – Saturday: 11:00am – 7:00pm.

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FAQS for “Wild SexTea” a.k a. “Happy Bedroom Tea” –
What Is It?
Wild Sex Tea a.k.a. Happy Bedroom Tea is a all natural special herbal blend that naturally increases libido, sexual stamina, hormone balance in men and women. Facebook has restrictions on the Original name, so therefore I created an alternative name for social media and mainstream marketing.
The herb blend also has wonderful well known well documented benefits like regulating blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, controlling blood sugar levels, etc.
For women specifically, it helps greatly for Menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness and mood swings because it is nourishment to the sex organs.
For men, it has numerous benefits other than sexual enhancement, it also increases better and more sperm production, testosterone production, fights gray hair growth, fatigue, depression…supports bone health, etc.
The overall benefits for both men and women are exhaustive because of the powerful herbs in the blend but above are just a few of the highlighted ones.
Does “Wild Sex Tea” really work?
If a person uses just “one packet” of the “Wild Sex Formula” (male or female) – it will provide smooth happy energy throughout the day, better immune support, bone health, nourishment to sex organs, stimulation of balanced hormone production and overall general health. Using “two packets” produces OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE within about 30 to 45 minutes in most persons. *Each packet is equal to 1/4 tablespoon. All ingredients are ORGANIC or Wild Harvested herbs processed in certified facilities.


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