Why Is My Hair Falling Out? 💆‍♀️Hair Loss, Receding Hairline, Alopecia Areata

Why Is My Hair Falling Out? 💆‍♀️Hair Loss, Receding Hairline, Alopecia Areata

Why Is My Hair Falling Out? 💆‍♀️Hair Loss, Receding Hairline, Alopecia Areata – Dr. Ashley

Hair loss can be a mystery when it isn’t inherited or expected hair loss like male pattern baldness. If you are losing your hair, but don’t know why, watch this video and you’ll have an idea of what might by going on.

1. Many people associate hair loss with hormonal issues – and this would be one possibility. The interesting thing to note here is that it’s generally from a big drop in levels. For example, after pregnancy women’s estrogen levels plummet very quickly, and hair loss can occur for months after.

2. Hypo (or low) thyroid function – this is a very common reason for hair loss. Have your bloodwork checked to determine if this is an issue.

3. Medications – a number of pharmaceuticals can cause hair loss. Some heartburn medications when overused for prolonged time can cause certain nutrient deficiencies that can lead to hair loss. Some blood pressure meds, birth controls, medicines for depression.

4. Severe stress over time can lead to hormonal imbalances that can start to thin hair.

5. Sometimes after a severe infection (such as a severe viral infection or infection with high fever) or trauma or surgery, hair loss can occur 2-3 months later. Usually this is in the form of thinning hair, that later grow back.

6. Severe dieting with quick weight loss can lead to hair loss.

7. Some autoimmune disorders can cause patchy loss of hair like lupus, alopecia areata, and certain types of diabetes.

8. Fungal infections on the skin

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