What is the Fastest Natural Hair Loss Solution? — For Women & Men

What is the Fastest Natural Hair Loss Solution? — For Women & Men

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This educational video talks about the cause of hair loss in male & female and the effects of DHT on the hair and how to reverse this problem with the revolutionary 100% natural European approved formula Healthy Hair Tonic of NZ Perfect Health and Beauty. The treatment involves cleaning, clearing and unblocking hair follicles and reducing excess DHT plus nourishing the hair roots using the Healthy Hair Tonic to stimulate new hair growth. It works faster than other products on the market, giving you natural, beautiful hair with absolutely no side effects and no hormones. Our Healthy Hair Tonic is for anyone suffering from:

• Diffuse fall-out
• Receding hair
• Top pate / Tonsure
• Full baldness
• Alopecia areata
• Greasy scalp and hair, itching and dandruff
• Hormonal disorders or treatment by a doctor according to the patient’s statement
• Genetic legacy or inheritance
• Dry scalp, brittle hair and fingernails

Our solution is proven to be the fastest natural hair regrowth treatment… Your hair growth will begin to visibly appear depending on how consistently you use the Healthy Hair Tonic and how advanced your hair problems were prior to commencing your treatment. Before you can start growing new hair, the Healthy Hair Tonic must first create the appropriate conditions for optimum growth on your scalp. It is important to realise that before any visible hair growth begins to develop, there needs to be an immense amount of rejuvenation that must occur underneath the skin first. These developments are visible when viewed under a microscope after the first 3 months of your treatment. Unclogging follicles and removing accumulated sediments and excess DHT will require time and patience.

The key to you achieving success is regularity, consistency and following our expert advice. Once this process is well underway however, you’ll achieve a healthy scalp that is free of excess oil and DHT, and after this you will begin to notice and enjoy the visible effects of new hair growth. Overall, you will be pleased not only with the amount of hair that you regain, but also with the general health and vitality of your hair and scalp.


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