way 316606 vs Rch 01 || way 316606 or Rch 01 me konsa treatment best h || way 316606 , Rch 01 update

way 316606 vs Rch 01 || way 316606 or Rch 01 me konsa treatment best h || way 316606 , Rch 01 update

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way 316606 vs Rch 01 || way 316606 or Rch 01 me konsa treatment best h || way 316606 , Rch 01 update

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The Guardian has reported the intriguing drug WAY-316606, which was originally developed for osteoporosis, may soon be entering human hair growth clinical trials with the help of an Italian pharmaceutical company.

I was pleasantly surprised to find some worthwhile information in the latest “mainstream media baldness cure” article published by The Guardian today. I should also add I enjoyed reading the Guardian’s article and I thought it was a well done piece. The write-up detailed background information on the discovery of WAY-316606’s potential role in hair growth. If you remember back in May 2018, the drug made headlines after researchers Drs. Nathan Hawkshaw and Ralf Paus of Manchester University published a scientific article about WAY’s effect on inhibiting the SFRP1 protein to induce hair growth. The team had been researching the drug cyclosporine A (CsA) with the intention of uncovering the secret to its hair growth effect. Hawkshaw and Paus figured, if they could identify the mechanism of action that causes CsA to grow hair, and then duplicate that action without the other potential side effects that come with cyclosporine A, they would have a winner on their hands. That potential “winner” would prove to be WAY-316606.

Hairloss cure by Replicel Rch-01| Permanent Baldness Cure by Rch-01 | Rch-01 for hairloss, baldness
Today’s video is a good news for all hair loss patients including both men and women. Yes this is on the most recent treatment for hair loss by Replicel – that’s RCH-01.
This RCH-01 hair loss treatment trial has completed its phase 1 clinical trials with some strong positive data. In this video, will know the latest happenings on this Replicel company’s RCH-01 hair restoration product, the so called permanent baldness cure.
We will also learn how this products works – that is the mechanism of action and how this is used on a patient with alopecia.

The latest news! As on On March 05 2019, RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. announced its successful completetion of phase 1 human clinical trials of its product RCH-01 – Hair Cell restoration product for the treatment of male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia.
The company RepliCel was first set up in Japan in 2013 and now in partnership with Shiseido, together have brought a lot of changes since then. Shiseido, has currently funded a human clinical study of RCH-01 at Tokyo Medical University Hospital and Toho University Ohasi Medical Center in Japan.

With the clinical study of RCH-01 now successfully completed in Japan, RepliCel expects Shiseido to declare its near-term plans for RCH-01.

What is RCH-01 treatment and how does this work?
RCH 01 has Alternative Names: DSC cell therapy – RepliCel; Hair cell replacement therapy – RepliCel; Human autologous hair follicle cells RepliCel Hair-01
This RCH-01 is based on the principle of advanced cellular regeneration involving the dermal sheath cup cells, hence its also called DSC cell therapy.
Replicel’s RCH-01 hair growth treatment is done by first extracting and then culturing a person’s own hair follicle cells and then re-injecting the modified DHT resistant hair follicle cells back into their scalp


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