TTC: Fibroid Surgery. Anemia. Menopause? Update

TTC: Fibroid Surgery. Anemia. Menopause? Update

My dream of motherhood seems far due to my #fibroids and anemia right now. It is becoming a dangerous and bothersome problem that threatens my hopes of having a family. I have finally decided to have abdominal #myomectomy surgery to remove the fibroids. It is pretty scary and all the doctors want me to have a hysterectomy. I’m refusing and rebuking that suggestion. I want to keep my reproductive system. All of it. In order to try to stop my iron deficiency anemia the doctor gave me a shot of lupron to put me into menopause so I won’t get my period. Umm It is making me bleed way more than I normally do so it didn’t work and it sucks being in menopause. The big picture though is that we will hopefully have a baby at the end of all of this. We have to clear out my womb to make room for baby. Pray for us please!

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