TRX2 Hair Loss Treatment Review

TRX2 Hair Loss Treatment Review

I first heard about TRX2 while searching hairloss forums on the internet. I was hearing some positive feedback, but was still very skeptical due to having tried so many treatments and having none of them work. One of the main things that got me to take the plunge was that the ingredients in TRX2 looked completely natural and innocuous, in that there looked like nothing that would mess with my hormones or cause any side effects. So I decided to dedicate 6 months to see if I would get results. I wasn’t expecting anything for about 3-4 months, but at month 2 my hair started to feel more thick and manageable. I was thinking it might be a placebo effect and I was just having a good hair day, but the results stuck. I had some up and down days, but overall things started to progress, albeit very gradually. I’m at month 9 now and I can say that, even though I haven’t seen cosmetically noticeable regrowth, I see new vellus hair on my hairline, my hairloss has been greatly reduced, my hair is definitely thicker, and the hairs on my temples are getting thicker and stronger. I will also add I have experienced zero side effects. I am quite happy with my results and will definitely keep taking TRX2.

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