TRX2 Hair Loss Treatment for Women – Review

TRX2 Hair Loss Treatment for Women – Review

This video is provided by Helen Stewart (real TRX2 customer)

As a beauty professional I lead a hectic lifestyle and the stress that is generated from it in conjunction with the hair extensions I was using began to create noticeable hair loss. I have very thick hair so when I first starting seeing significant clumps of hair in my shower drain I wasn’t too worried about it, but once I was able to actually see the hair loss and areas of my scalp thinning out I started freaking out. My doctor’s only real recommendation was to alleviate the stress, so I started seeking outside help. At first I tried shampoos and products that promised to stimulate hair growth because I was apprehensive about using any sort of supplements. After limited results and a lot of frustration trying out all sorts of products I eventually found TRX2. I took it as directed, 3 capsules a day with water. I started seeing serious results after about 6 months of taking it. The reason I really love this product and decided to give it a shot in the first place is because they don’t make false promises. They don’t suggest that this is a quick fix that will stop your hair loss and regrow your hair in 2-3 days. It isn’t some crazy spray on treatment. It is a long term solution that actually yields results. My hair is strong and healthy now and looks better than ever. I couldn’t be happier

This product is specifically designed for patients suffering from the early stages of hair loss (Norwood 1-4). Benefits reported by those who regularly take three TRX2™ Molecular Hair Growth capsules per day include: 1) The cessation of hair loss, 2)The promotion of hair growth– including the frontal region and temple area, 3)Visibly stronger & thicker hair

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