Treatment for baldness, permanent hair colour, stop getting older, ageing — Health keynote speaker

Treatment for baldness, permanent hair colour, stop getting older, ageing  — Health keynote speaker Cures and treatments for hair loss, baldness in men and women, as well as ways to permanently change hair colour. Research into male and female alopecia, hair loss, thinning, and hair coloration. Stem cells to regenerate hair follicles in animal studies. Alternatives to hair bleaching and dying, color washes. Future potential therapy for hair loss from ageing, testosterone sensitivity, stress or scalp disease. Alternatives to hair follicle transplants and other treatments for hair loss. Antiageing therapies, science and research. 65% of health care spending on people over 65 years old. Aging process — physiology of aging and remedies, antiaging therapies. How to stay young. Use of drug therapy for cosmetic reasons to enhance appearance and attractiveness. Justification for treating female alopecia to manage social isolation, embarrassment, shyness, depression, anxiety. How we share common aging processes with many other animals. Shared genetic code and cell structures. From health to performance, from sickness to wellness. Future of health care. Patrick Dixon is a health care keynote speaker at many health conferences. How patients, clients, over the counter therapy customers, and consumers of health care products will manage their own treatment. Patient choice and public health policy changes with government budget health cuts, health care rationing, post code lotteries — government funding for female alopecia but not for male baldness — one is a condition, the other is often seen as a joke. Private and public funding for health care treatment. How doctors and nurses will manage patients who often know more about their own medical condition, have made their own diagnosis, have made decisions about their own treatment (patient autonomy). Impact on over the counter pharmaceutical industry, chemists, drug stores, pharmacies and retail sales of health related products. Wellbeing, disease prevention, health promotion, vitamin and health supplements, dietary supplements. Future of the pharmaceutical industry with non-prescription medicines, remedies, therapies, drugs for hair loss. Funding of health care in future — people expected to fund their own health needs.


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