Thyroid Menopause – Understanding The Difference Between Menopause And Hypothyroidism

Thyroid Menopause – Understanding The Difference Between Menopause And Hypothyroidism

VISIT: Low Thyroid? Extreme Fatigue? Chronic pain? Hair Loss? Cold Hands and Feet? Depression? Anxiety? Brain Fog? Can’t Lose Weight? Unmotivated? Insomnia or Sleep Disturbance? Heart Palpitations? Night Sweats? Hashimoto’s? Barely able to put one foot in front of the other and get through your day?
This revolutionary, ground-breaking book will show you
The newest, cutting edge, non-surgical, non-drug breakthroughs for not just simply “managing” thyroid disorders but for actually recovering!
How to heal your thyroid and body!
How to have massive amounts of energy!
Discover little known secrets in order to get to the root of your thyroid problem!
Why your lab tests are “normal” but you still feel horrible!
Why people suffering with thyroid disorders have no chance of getting better with the traditional medical approach!
The COMPLETE testing that you need to find out what is wrong with you!
Why you STILL feel horrible even with medication!
What your well-meaning (but uninformed) doctors don’t know about thyroid disorders and why they will not be able to change your life for the better!
Why it is important to detoxify your system using mud packs!
Why nutritional supplements could be making your thyroid worse!
By using Chinese medicine and the findings of acupuncture meridian interference fields your thyroid could be sedated or not functioning at 100%!
Find out if dental work like root canals and electro-magnetic fields can adversely affect your thyroid!
The VITAL role that the liver plays and why you need to detoxify your body!
Learn how “enriched” products clog your liver and cause a slow decline in your health by causing extreme pain and fatigue!
What role fluoride in your water and toothpaste play in your thyroid’s ability to heal!
The role your emotions play in your ability to heal!
Why it’s important that your pH is between 6.4 and 7.0 and how to get it there!
How you can tell if you have an infection, parasites, or H. pylori that is causing some or many of your symptoms!
The VITAL importance that water and salt play in your healing.
How you can avoid years of fatigue, pain, suffering, medication side-effects and loss of quality of life!


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