The Limitations of Using PRP Alone for Hair Loss, and its Remarkable Results when Combined

The Limitations of Using PRP Alone for Hair Loss, and its Remarkable Results when Combined

A gentleman has hair loss and is interested about a procedure for hair growth that injects a blood product into the scalp.

Dr. Prasad is a founder of a company called TrichoStem® Hair Regeneration. He can certainly give a perspective about hair loss and the use of PRP or platelet-rich plasma. Platelet-rich plasma is derived from the patient’s own blood. As a board certified cosmetic surgeon and practicing for over 20 years, he has used this in a lot of things he does such is in aiding the hair transplant procedure. Unfortunately, when he used it alone for hair regrowth, it always had a limited benefit. Platelet-rich plasma can cause limited growth but it will not stop hair thinning.

Dr. Prasad created a hair loss treatment called Hair Regeneration. This is a method of combining platelet-rich plasma with acellular matrix. Acellular matrix is used for wound healing. TrichoStem® Hair Regeneration is also a formula and a method of delivery based on a customized development that is specific for every type of hair loss. This includes variations within male and female pattern hair loss depending on the type, degree and age of onset of hair loss.

Dr. Prasad explains that blood products when combined appropriately have been remarkably beneficial. He can treat thinning hair as well as stop the progression. However, he can only save hairs that are salvageable such as those that are actively thinning. As a general rule of thumb, he has observed that if hair has not been present in an area for greater than 5 years, then that hair is unsalvageable, so he advocates early intervention. The earlier he catches someone during their hair loss process, the more hair he can save and thicken.

Some patients have come to Dr. Prasad after they’ve tried PRP injections done elsewhere. Most of them complain that after a few treatment sessions, they get tired having it done once every month. They also add that pictures weren’t taken and that they didn’t know whether or not they were improving. In Dr. Prasad’s practice, he does very close monitoring of his patients. Hair Regeneration is very effective as a single treatment. He has over 5 years of data to support the longevity and sustainability of this procedure. More impressively, he has been able to demonstrate that Hair Regeneration in the right candidates can actually exceed the results of not just one transplant but 2 hair transplants. Transplants are done every 5-10 years and eventually, they’ll run out of the donor area. Patients may or may not look so good at the end of that. The rate of progression and the degree of loss is what makes the transplant a limited procedure.

Dr. Prasad suggest that this gentleman learn more about the procedure. He must figure out if his doctor is using Acellular matrix and the type of Acellular matrix because there are many different types. The one Dr. Prasad is using currently is the best in class and has been for years.

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