The Best in Hair, the Best in Prices | Lordhair Men’s Hair Systems

The Best in Hair, the Best in Prices | Lordhair Men’s Hair Systems

All the convenience and realism you could possibly want! This is the SuperSkin – part of our range of men’s stock hair systems.

The SuperSkin hair system costs $169 but buy two and the price of an individual hair system drops to only cost $152! Don’t miss out!

The SuperSkin hair stock hair system has an all-over thin skin base that allows you to style your hair in complete confidence. The hair is V-looped at the front (so no knots) to provide you with greater realism. People also find skin a very convenient and practical surface to apply tape or glue to which will make your hair system-wearing life that much easier.

Here are some basic product details of the SuperSkin:

Base material: 0.08mm thin skin
Base size: 8″ x 10″
Hair type: Normal Indian Hair
Hair color: Choose from over 30 colors
Hair density: Medium-light

For more information you can check out the product on our website:

All our stock hair systems can be shipped out immediately once we have received payment so you can expect to receive your hair system in just three to five business days.

Feel free to email us at with any questions or you can use the live chat feature on our website.

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