The Best 5 Ways To Deal With Hair Loss This Winter 2020

The Best 5 Ways To Deal With Hair Loss This Winter 2020

The Best 5 Ways To Deal With Hair Loss This Winter 2020.

Here are the 5 best ways to protect your hair from damage during the winters:

1. Oil massages – Imagine the sensation of warm oil on your scalp on a cold winter day! While just the thought is warming and comforting, oil massages are a great way to protect your hair during the winters and are one of the easiest hair loss treatments.
Oils are a great way to nourish the hair from within and ensure proper hydration. You can try a range of oils, starting from the humble coconut oil to the most exotic jojoba oil. You could even try essential oils mixed with carrier oils, but just remember to warm them up before using them. And ensure that you use your fingertips to massage the oils into the scalp.

2. The right diet – As simple as it might sound, just tweaking your diet for the winters might do the trick. You need to have a diet that is rich in nutrition and has the right vitamins. This is a season when you have access to plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and you should take full advantage of that. Fill up on soups, fresh fruit juices and salads, because these will all nourish you from within and make your hair stronger too.

3. The right hair care products – Just because you favour a particular brand of shampoo and conditioner, does not mean that they will work for you during the winters as well. If you are losing hair during the winters, you might want to consider choosing hair care products that are ideal for the season. Choose products that will help you combat hair loss and perhaps have a higher keratin content, which will strengthen your hair from within.

4. Pamper your hair – While you could choose to head to reputed hair & skin care clinics to take care of your hair, you could also try out simpler methods right at home. Just surf the internet and you should be able to find plenty of ways to create easy hair masks that you can apply to nourish and hydrate your hair from within.

5. How to handle wet hair – Every time you wash your hair, you need to be extra careful, because when your hair is wet, it is the most susceptible to damage. This means that it is best that you not step out with wet hair during the winters. The wet hair could easily freeze and break. It is just as important that you not use too many tools to get your hair dry. When you use a blow dryer, you are drawing out the moisture, and that could lead to the hair becoming brittle, and hence, prone to breaking.

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