{ Tamil } QR 678 – Best Hair Treatment for Men & Women to Get Rid of Hair Fall & Loss in India

{ Tamil } QR 678 – Best Hair Treatment for Men & Women to Get Rid of Hair Fall & Loss in India

Hair fall is a dreaded word in every person’s vocabulary especially when it happens long before the old age. The four main causes of hair fall are genetics, chemical hair styling, improper diet and nutrition and hormonal imbalance. Hair fall because of genetics cannot be completely cured but it can be largely controlled. Thinning and balding patches on the scalp are the warning signs that it is important to seek treatment immediately.

Hair fall is a common problem that has crossed the gender and age bias. People from all walks of life are suffering from this nowadays. Traditional treatments of hair fall and hair regrowth are not very effective and nor are they easy to use. Medications are riddled with side effects and are not suitable for a long terms use and surgical treatments like hair transplants are painful and they cannot reverse the hair fall treatment. Minimally invasive treatment methods like the stem cells and PRP treatment are still awaiting FDA approval and their results are still to be proven.

However the good news is that the revolutionary QR678 hair fall solution is not available for commercial production. Made up entirely of natural growth factors, QR678 is exactly the treatment that you need to stop the hair fall. The growth factors work by reversing the telogen phase of hair cycle to the anagen phase i.e. the growth phase. QR678 hair fall treatment does not have any side effects.

QR678 is FDA approved and has received both US and Indian patent. It is applied on the scalp where the balding spots are appearing. The full results can be seen in a year. So for 100000 people worldwide have been successfully able to get rid of their hair fall by using the QR678. If you are worried about hair fall then head to the nearest The Esthetic Clinic centre to regain your natural hair growth. The Esthetic Clinics has centres in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.


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