Tamika Fletcher’s Segment on Channel 13: Fight Hairloss With Homemade Products

Tamika Fletcher’s Segment on Channel 13: Fight Hairloss With Homemade Products

HOUSTON (KTRK) — It’s no secret that women are constantly damaging their hair. Between styling, flat ironing, and coloring, many women admit to losing their hair.

Salon owner and stylist Tamika Fletcher has a scalp scope at her Natural Resources Salon. The device takes photos of the scalp and can identify and address individual hair loss and growth problems.

If your hair loss isn’t so severe, but you’re looking for a natural way to help thinning hair, Fletcher likes a product from cosmetic company Lush. The stimulating and reviving shampoo bar is for women who want new growth or to revitalize existing hair.

“What’s great that it has essential oils in it that are awesome for stimulating your follicles, especially if you are struggling with hair growth,” Fletcher said.

But at nearly $12 a bar, it isn’t cheap. By using just a few ingredients, you can make your own for much less.

“I have made about six bars for less than $10, so there is really a great savings there,” Fletcher said.

To make your own, you need an ingredient called Sodium Coco Sulfate.

“This is very gentle, it’s a pellet made from a coconut oil that is actually a detergent, a soap detergent,” Fletcher said.

You need 16 ounces of Sodium Coco Sulfate, distilled water, jojoba oil, rosemary extract, and cinnamon oil.

“The cinnamon oil is the most important part of the process,” Fletcher said. “The general idea is that you want essential oils that cause stimulation, and if it makes your skin tingle then you know you have stimulated blood flow and that’s what is going to get your hair to grow.”

Combine all the wet ingredients together then create molds using a muffin pan. After letting the mixture sit overnight, it will harden into a shampoo bar.

When you are ready to use, simply lather with water and apply to your scalp.

If the hair loss hair progresses after using the DIY shampoo, Fletcher recommends a product line called The Keranique Collection before a visit to the Doctor for an expensive prescription. The key is starting early! You can find the collection online with a range of products starting at $19.95 up to $39.

“The hair re-growth treatment is the most important part of the system because this is the actual ingredient that is going to help your hair grow. It has 2 percent Minoxidil,” Fletcher said. “It’s the only ingredient that is FDA approved to help regrow hair for women.


Sodium Coco Sulfate
453.5 g Distilled Water
5.5 grams Propylene Glycol
5.5 grams Rosemary absolute
2 grams Jojoba Oil
Soap safe powdered colorants

This formula will make four bars for under $10. One bar from Lush is $11.95 or about $48 for four bars!

The ingredients are purchased at www.saveoncitric.com or www.eBay.com for even better deals.

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