Spice girls sydney gig scrapped

Spice girls sydney gig scrapped; ‘they’d be great for a holiday trip’

A Sydney cafe will be shutting down in favour of Spice Girls on Thursday, after organisers received backlash over the cafe’s decision to feature the singer’s hair.

The cafe, called Spice Girl Spicery, will close after four years but will still feature her image and the girls’ voice over the coffee, which will feature a mix o크레이지 슬롯f British and Asian influences.

“We have taken our family to a beautiful Sydney garden and decided to add a spice girl themed coffee shop to it,” the cafe’s Facebook page said. “The original concept for Spice Girl Spicery was that we’d meet and sit down with the girls and we would cook up a special treat for them. We were also inspired by the Spice Girl TV series for Spice Girls (Sesame Street’s sister show) and we didn’t want to simply make these products available to customers like most other coffee shops do.”

“We have had very positive reviews online about it,” it added. “If you like spicy, you’ll enjoy our café.”

But many Twitter users called it a commercial-free event which will likely hurt the business for Sydney customers and made the site look too much like a commercial for Spice Girls.

“I am really sickened. This is disgusting,” one Twitter user wrote. “I am not the only one disgusted with the idea of Spice Girl Spicery in Sydney. It was such a terrible idea – they are supposed to serve fresh coffee and now this has happened, and with the girls, it looks like this.”

Several of the cafe’s patrons, including an elderly man who wished to remain anonymous, agreed. “She’s just a girl. I don’t like people. It’s really disgusting,” he said.

A Twitter spokesperson said: “We appreciate our guests wanting to visit the cafe but it is a cafe, not a shop. Any suggestion for any commercial or p경주출장마사지romotional us온라인 카지노 사이트e of the restaurant is totally inappropriate.”

Cafe spokesman Michael Kynaston said the cafe wanted to focus on its regular customer service to make sure guests were happy.

“People want to see coffee so they want to stop by, so they are very much not disappointed, but they are worried about being in these kinds of situations,” he said.

Spice Girls will be touring to Australia and New Zealand later this year in support of its new album, Blonde, which is out Nov 16. The single “Holly an


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