Solomons chief warns against extortion culture

Solomons chief warns against extortion culture

The city manager h우리카지노as condemned the criminal exploitation of low-paid workers, urging them to take jobs in “socially valued fields” instead.

Speaking on Tuesday, Msgospelhitz Fagan said the city’s economic health “tends to de바카라사이트pend a lot on what companies do with these workers”.

“The low-paid worker, when he or she is on the move around the city, is a vulnerable group and so when we have a situation, where they are exploited… people feel it is their responsibility as citizens to take that action,” Ms Fagan said.

“If it is not within their control or not their control, they must go about it in the local community.

“That’s the spirit of it: if you live in this neighbourhood you should become involved because you are part of what it means to be a Toronto.

“We must not allow it to fall into the hands of one gang of people, which may do harm.”

Mayor John Tory said the government and City Hall needed to focus on ensuring people were paid what they deserve.

“It’s a matter of concern for the workers who are exploited in a variety of jobs all around the city. We’re not giving them a free pass, we’re asking them to put the pressure on employers and, as a result, increase wages,” Mr Tory said.

Police in Toronto say they have seen similar activity across the country, with some gangs paying the homeless for sex.


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