Should You Add Minoxidil Pills into Your Hair Growth Routine?

Should You Add Minoxidil Pills into Your Hair Growth Routine?

Plenty of evidence supports topical minoxidil as a safe treatment for hair loss, but what about oral minoxidil? ★ CHECK UNDER THE FOLD
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Oral minoxidil is much less common than topical minoxidil for hair loss, and perhaps it’s a treatment you haven’t yet heard of.

Minoxidil is a tablet medication that acts as a vasodilator and was first used to treat high blood pressure.

Topical minoxidil became popular as a hair loss treatment because researchers observed that patients taking oral minoxidil for high blood pressure began growing body hair.

Topical minoxidil tends to be the first preference for people, while oral minoxidil tends to be recommended to people if they don’t respond well to topical minoxidil.

The dosage for oral minoxidil is usually between 0.25-1.25 mg per day.

However, the dosage varies on a case by case basis and can be much higher.

In one study published in the journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, researchers found that out of 41 male patients with androgenetic alopecia who received oral minoxidil at 2.5 mg or 5 mg per day for 6 months, 90% of patients showed clinical improvements.

The side effects of oral minoxidil may include nausea, vomiting, and changes in facial and body hair.

A person’s hair may become darker and thicker on their face and upper body.

Low-level laser therapy is another treatment that can typically be safely used with topical treatments such as minoxidil, and potentially oral minoxidil with your doctor’s permission.

The low-level laser therapy technology in RedRestore’s laser cap uses a non-invasive light source treatment proven in multiple clinical trials to stimulate new hair growth by combating DHT and stimulating blood flow to your hair follicles.

More serious oral minoxidil side effects that require medical attention could include increased heart rate, weight gain, trouble breathing and dizziness.

In terms of the effects on sexual performance and libido, we simply don’t have much research available yet to be sure.

In regards to the safety of oral minoxidil use long-term, one study examining participants taking 5 mg daily over 24 weeks concluded that it was effective and considerably safe with minor side effects.

Since minoxidil is a vasodilator it can also lower blood pressure.

This means that those with hypertension and cardiovascular issues should be cautious.


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