Scalp Exfoliant by Hair Loss Treatments

Scalp Exfoliant by Hair Loss Treatments

Scalp Exfoliant by Hair Loss Treatments

Scalp is Skin, and is commonly overlooked as such, and washed with a hair shampoo.
Hair is a fiber and is composed of hard, dead keratin.
The difference between the structure and purpose of hair and scalp skin needs to be understood to overcome symptoms of scalp skin imbalance such as dandruff, scalp scale, scalp oil or oily hair and itchy scalp.
Cells in the dermis of the scalp divide and migrate to the surface of the scalp, the epidermis. The rate of cell division and migration is affected by internal and external factors. Once the dead scalp skin cells reach the surface of the scalp, they must be removed by proper scalp cleansing procedures.
Hair shampoo will not clean your scalp skin. Hair shampoo is cosmetic, and designed to make your hair soft, shiny, smooth or full of body, protect your colour, enhance your colour or fix any problem you may have with your hair.
Take the time to read your shampoo label, watch the TV Advertisements, look and the glossy magazine advertising, can you find anywhere that a hair shampoo is for your scalp skin?
Furthermore, would you wash your face with your hair shampoo?
And don’t get me started on Hair Conditioner! Hair Conditioner is to close and protect the cuticle of the hair; skin and scalp skin don’t have a cuticle! Skin has appendages, like pores, sweat glands, sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Hair Conditioner on scalp skin can block the appendages. Keep Hair Conditioner 10cm away from scalp skin. If the hair is less than 10cm long, Hair Conditioner is not necessary.
All of this becomes very real when you view the scalp skin with a 60x magnification microscope.
At Absolique Hair Health Clinic, we use the microscope to perform diagnosis of hair loss, hair thinning and scalp conditions. The service is called a ‘Hair Health and Scalp Check’, takes up to 75 minutes and exposes the reality of what is on your scalp skin and how the hair is growing from the scalp which reflects the hair cycle and hair cell function.
When problems of the scalp skin are found we perform an in clinic only service called a ‘Scalp Exfoliant’. The Scalp Exfoliant is different from those used for the face or body, as it has to gentle, not abrasive, to protect the intrinsic nature of the scalp epidermis and dermis.
Once the Scalp Exfoliant has done its work, we emulsify the gel to remove it from the scalp skin, and then teach our patients how to effectively use a safe Scalp Cleanser. It is important to be aware of ingredients in products for your skin that can cause harm, such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate, and its close cousins, and also propylene glycol, to name a few. Check out the safety data sheets for these ingredients and decide if you want to put this on your skin!
Once you have had your Scalp Exfoliant you will know how to keep your scalp skin clean by following these easy HomeCare steps:
• SCALP BRUSH THERAPY: Start with Brush Therapy over the entire scalp for minimum 1 minute or until you feel a warm or tingling sensation on the scalp. Brush Therapy must be on dry hair/scalp. Don’t do Brush Therapy unless you are going to wash your scalp.

• SCALP CLEANSING: Apply Absolique Scalp Cleanser to wet hair and massage into scalp to form a cleansing lather. Rinse and repeat. Always do 2 Scalp Cleansers.

• HAIR SHAMPOO: Hair Shampoo is only required for longer, thicker and curly hair types. Apply hair shampoo only to mid lengths and ends of hair, being careful to keep hair shampoo off the clean scalp (10-15cm away from scalp).

• HAIR CONDITIONER: Apply Hair Conditioner, if required, to mid lengths and ends of hair only. Do not allow Conditioner to make contact with your scalp (10- 15cm away from scalp).

At Absolique Hair Health Clinic we also teach Scalp Cleansing to assist in effective absorption of topical products for Hair Loss Treatments, as this removes the need to use harmful ingredients that are commonly found hair loss products such as Minoxidil.

Yours in Healthy Hair and Scalp,

Carolyn Evans I.A.T. Trichologist
Absolique Hair Health Clinic