Salinity research goes underground for better yields

Salinity research goes underground for better yields

Hans van den Heuvel, H. de Bonmusement, H. van Rooijen (2014) “Sustainable water-use in agriculture: new insights into the role of water stress in food security”. Ecosyste예스카지노ms & Environment, 13: 14-24.

Newly discovered global salt lake salt data revealed from the Greenland ice core

David P. Henningsen, David M. Stacey, Nils Pettersson, Kristin J. Holthaus, Ewa Döner, Johan S. Gjeller, H. de Bonmusement, H. van den Heuvel, and V. M. Eberhard (2013) “The Arctic Climate Change Hypothesis and the Interannual Variation in the Salt Lake Basin”. Eos, 65: 14-21.

Nordstrom analysis of glacier ice mass and global temperature distribution over Antarctica

Johann-Christian Döner, Peter Fischl, Ewa Döner, Lars Süllhammer, Anders Åsberg, David P. Henningsen, Astrid Gräbmark, and David P. Hooper (2013) “The Antarctic Ice Sheet: Insights from the Nord바카라strom Ice Age Mass Balance Analysis” Climate Dynamics, 48: 1-12.

Tribulation in the Mediterranean Sea provides some answers to the ‘global sea level rise’ debate

P.F. Henningsen (2013) “The ‘global sea level rise’ debate”. Nature, 464: 924-927

Harmonization and evolution of the Earth’s climate system in recent decades

Johann-Christian Döner, Peter Fischl, M. E. Smeets, A. Siegel, D. J. Visscher, P. B. Gassner, H. de Bonmusement, G. Kopp, D. C. E. Stantche, H. van den Heuvel, S. B. Oettinger, D. G. M. Schönberger, P. T. Schmidt, W. A. Smith, J. Schulze, and E. E. Mersmann (2013) “A molecular basis for feedback control of the human biosphere as a proxy for 슬롯 사이트climatic feedbacks to the change in the sea level and climate, and for anthropogenic forcing”. Proceedings o


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