Reverse Androgenetic Alopecia! Diet and Lifestyle Treatment (Female Pattern Hair Loss Series Part 3)

Reverse Androgenetic Alopecia! Diet and Lifestyle Treatment (Female Pattern Hair Loss Series Part 3)

What dietary and lifestyle changes can you make to treat female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia)?

In this third and final video of my three part series, I discuss:

1. Important lab tests to order and interpret carefully by a knowledgable healthcare practitioner who has done extensive research (most doctors are not trained to do this)!

-Free/total testosterone
-Salivary cortisol test
-2-hr Insulin Glucose Challenge (for insulin resistance)
-Full Thyroid Panel (TSH, T3, T4, Reverse T3, Anti-TPO, Anti-TPA)

2. Important symptoms to look out for to determine if your androgen excess is ovarian (insulin resistance), adrenal (adrenal dysfunction), or both.

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3. Tips on reversing insulin resistance naturally.

4. Tips on healing adrenal/HPA axis dysfunction.

Truly healing androgen excess, female pattern hair loss, and hormone imbalance takes a lot of time and patience. By treating the root causes starting with dietary and lifestyle changes, you are working towards a long term reversal of hormone imbalance and improving your overall physical and mental health! This can be difficult on your own, so please seek a qualified health care practitioner to help you!


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As always, everything in this video is informational only, and I highly recommend consulting a qualified health care professional in PCOS and natural medicine.


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