Repair Bad Scalp Micropigmentation Tattoo Hair Transplant Men Hair Loss Dr. Diep

Repair Bad Scalp Micropigmentation Tattoo Hair Transplant Men Hair Loss Dr. Diep

Repair bad scalp micropigmentation tattoo for male to recreate a more natural hair line and density appearance.
SCALP MICRO PIGMENTATION OR TATTOO: Scalp micro pigmentation is a process where ink or pigment injected into the scalp with multiple dots mimicking or giving the allusion of hair follicles coming out of the scalp, similar like tattoo except tattoo disperses ink uniformly not dot. Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) does not give a natural appearance if there is No hair present. SMP works extremely well to give the allusion of great hair density for patient who has poor hair density and for patient who likes to wear his or her hair short. In other word, SMP works well to increase hair density and only works well if there is sufficient hair present. SMP also works well to reduce scar visibility. However, if the bald head has little or no hair, SMP will look very abnormal, easily detected. Like any tattoo, SMP has its down fall such as inducing further hair loss from the trauma of thousands of needle puncture during the tattooing process, painful process, possible allergic to ink, chance of infection, permanent, the color will fade and the ink or pigment will move as the Macrocytes underneath the skin ingest the ink and move around.
Hair transplant surgery result 1 year before and after transplantation at 408-356-8600 on bald hair loss man at by Dr. Diep with photos, of middle eastern man, Asian, Caucasian, Hispanic & Black, most advance hair treatment, treating male pattern baldness, bald head hair loss, receding hairline.
Dr. Diep is the leading authority in the art of FUT & FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, hair transplant, natural & dense hairline restoration, filling in bald vertex/crown, beard, goatee, mustache, sideburns & other facial hair surgery such as eyebrows. Through many years of experience, Dr. Diep invented his own FUE instruments and “DFC” Diep FUE Curve technique to harvest all type of hair, including curly hair roots of African origin, performing thousands of hair restoration transplantation, including celebrities in Beverly Hills, professional athletes throughout the United and famous wealthy people from different countries.
MHTA clinic also provides hair restoration for men & women with frontal hair loss, bald mid scalp, balding or thinning vertex/crown, eyebrows transplant, FUE corrective hair surgery to fix PLUGS, fill in scar from face lift, past strip hair transplant and burn. For Northern California clinics, please call 866-999-6482 or 415-230-2367(San Francisco) or 408-356-8600 (San Jose) or 408-356-8622 (Los Gatos)
For Southern California clinics: ((Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, San Diego and Orange County Call 866-999-6482 or visit or or email at If you’re from out of State or out of the country, you can contact us at our toll free number 1-866-999-6482. We look forward to hearing back from you. Thank You.


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