Regain Lost Hair Line & Fight Baldness With PRP Hair Treatment

Regain Lost Hair Line & Fight Baldness With PRP Hair Treatment

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Why PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) hair regrowth therapy is best for receding hairline? 00:19 – 00:51
As explained by Dr. Saguna Putto, Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic, losing 100 strands per day is normal, but anything more than that is a case of excessive hair shedding. A receding hairline, wider parting, or increased visibility of the scalp are all signs of excessive hair shedding. This condition called androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness) can affect both men and women in as early as their 20s.
According to Dr. Saguna, in many cases of androgenetic alopecia, the best way to treat the hair loss problem and restore the lost hair is Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy (PRP).
What Is Hair Growth Cycle? 00:56 – 01:36
The hair growth cycle comprises of three phases – Growing, Resting and Shedding. Hair thinning occurs when the hair follicle enters the shedding stage without resetting the growth stage. This, in turn, leads to hair problems such as a receding hairline, hair fall, etc. There is a misconception that only hair transplant procedure can cure hair fall. However, a PRP treatment combined with oral and topical medications is the best way to fight androgenetic alopecia.
How Does PRP Therapy Help? 01:36 – 01:56
The basic concept of a PRP treatment is that it introduces regenerative materials into the inactive hair follicles which enables the hair strands to grow better, faster, and thicker. It is a completely safe, effective, and non-surgical procedure, which also does not use any harmful chemical to regenerate hair growth.
How Can You Book Your Appointment? 02:00 – 02:22
You can book an appointment by calling 8377950960. During your consultation, our dermatologist will conduct a skin and hair assessment to find out the severity of the hair loss problem. He may also prescribe specific tests, oral medications, and topical creams and lotions to prepare you for your first PRP session.
Who Is An Ideal Candidate? 02:23 – 02:47
Suitable candidates for PRP treatment include both men and women facing genetic hair loss or patterned baldness. The sooner you start your PRP treatment, the better the results you will attain. PRP treatment is not advisable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, people who are on anticoagulant medications, and heavy smokers.
What is the PRP Treatment Procedure? 02:48 – 03:11
This procedure is a minimally invasive and extremely safe treatment, which takes about two hours per session to complete. Though there are no major side effects, minor side effects such as soreness in the injected area, heaviness in the head, etc., may be experienced. This will subside within a couple of hours. Some may also experience minimal pain, which your dermatologist can alleviate with the use of a local anesthetic.
How Many Sessions Are Required? 03:12 – 03:33
PRP treatment involves 6-8 sessions with 4-week intervals. The results such as new hair growth and a decrease in hair loss are visible by the second or third session.
Pre Care Advice 03:33 – 03:57
Below are some of the generic pre-treatment preparation steps:
• Eat well and hydrate yourself on the day of your PRP session.
• Wash your hair before your treatment session.
• Avoid undergoing any cosmetic procedure at least three days before the session.
What Happens At Clinic? 03:58 – 04:59
• After the completion of all the formalities, the doctor will take a blood sample of the patient to extract the plasma. He will place the sample in a centrifuge for the same. This process takes about 20-30 minutes.
• Next, a trained therapist will use an antiseptic solution to clean your scalp. Now, your dermatologist will administer an anesthetic if you have chosen it.
• The next step involves the introduction of regenerative materials to the scalp. The dermatologist will target areas of hair loss with a series of microinjections, which are responsible for stimulating the stem cells located under the skin and restore hair growth.
• There is no downtime in this procedure and to eliminate any lingering pain your doctor may prescribe an over-the-counter painkiller.
Post-Care Instructions 05:00 – 05:37
• Avoid any topical applications for at least 24 hours.
• Use hair wash products after 24 hours.
• Avoid undergoing cosmetic treatments for three days.
• Follow the medical instructions your dermatologist provides.
With effective hair loss and hair regrowth solution available at Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic, you no longer have to struggle with your hair problems. Call us or visit our website to book an appointment
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