Real Viviscal User Review, Christina’s Hair Growth Story

Real Viviscal User Review, Christina’s Hair Growth Story

Christina hair went from amazing to getting bald patches. Find out how Viviscal Extra Strength helped.

“”I always had nice hair. It was always very thick very, you know, just it was great. It was beautiful. I always had compliments on it…And then my fiancé came back like that same week from vacation, and he said ‘your hair looks different,’ and I thought oh my gosh. Because I had noticed that too, but for him to notice, he never notices anything, so I thought ‘oh, it’s real bad. ‘

I tried all the shampoos, the $100 shampoos that were supposed to help, they didn’t do anything to help. Different vitamins, different other products, and I was watching TV – a show that I never watch – and this woman talked about Viviscal and I said, ‘oh write that down! I’m going to try that, I’ll try anything!’ And so I ordered it and I was amazed.

I was definitely amazed. It was shocking. And I was going to the hairdresser and she was amazed! She said ‘I can’t believe – you had bald patches, and now you have all these little baby hairs that we have to deal with.’ You know, but I was I was so glad – I was super glad. For women that’s like it’s part of our Beauty.

It’s part of our appeal. I can have no makeup and my hair looks good, I’m good to go. I love Viviscal – It’s a great product. It’s things, some of the things in here were what I research and I found in my research that could help me. And other things I had no idea. And putting them together – because I was taking this pill, and that pill – hoping that they would come together. When I took this it was amazing. It was shocking.

I just thought ‘well, this is this is my new best friend.’ “”
Viviscal Extra Strength:

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