RCH 01 कब तक LAUNCH होगा, और COST क्या होगा- DR ASHOK SINHA

RCH 01 कब तक LAUNCH होगा, और  COST क्या होगा- DR ASHOK SINHA

This video is about launching and cost of rch 01.
clinical trail phase one has completed and the company replicel, and yofoto are launching one instrument called rci 02 .
rci 02 is is an injector device to inject the developed cell. possible launch for rci 02 would be 2019 end or begining of 2020. Proper phase 2 clinical trail will start after rci 02 launch. If we consider all points then one year for device launch and and 2 years each for phase 2 and phase 3 result. If we add all the points then rch 01 can be launched by 2023 or 2024. means 4 to 5 years .
what will be the cost?
3 parties are involve in this process
1. repliCel – which provide research, medium, method and protocol.
2. doctor- role of a doctor is extraction of graft and transfer the hair follicles to lab. and after growth of desired cells , injecting it into scalp with special instrument called rci 02 .
3. lab – one high end lab is required to separate and culture of cells.
if we estimate the over all cost , it may go to 75000 to 100000 per session. total cost may depend on number of sessions required.
any lab that can do cell culture is high end lab. such labs are not available everywhere . that will be another issue with cost , and a person from small city may need to travel to big cites.
replicel product rch 01 is a good news for all hair loss patients including both male as well as female. Yes this is one of the most recent treatment for hair loss by Replicel
This RCH-01 hair loss treatment trial has completed its phase 1 clinical trials . In this video, we will know the latest happenings on this Replicel company’s RCH-01 hair restoration product, the so called permanent baldness cure.
In last two videos we learned about this products and its mechanism.

The latest news! As on On March 05 2019, RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. announced its successful completion of phase 1 human clinical trials of its product RCH-01 – Hair Cell restoration product for the treatment of male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia.
The company RepliCel is a canadian company which is in partenership with japanese comapny Shiseido, current study is going at Tokyo Medical University Hospital and Toho University Ohasi Medical Center in Japan.

With the clinical study of RCH-01 now successfully completed in Japan, RepliCel expects Shiseido to declare its near-term plans for RCH-01.

What is RCH-01 treatment and how does this work?
RCH 01 has Alternative Names: DSC cell therapy – RepliCel; Hair cell replacement therapy – RepliCel; Human autologous hair follicle cells RepliCel Hair-01
This RCH-01 is based on the principle of advanced stem cell multiplication involving the dermal sheath cup cells, hence its also called DSC cell therapy.
Replicel’s RCH-01 hair growth treatment is done by first extracting and then culturing a person’s own hair follicle cells and then re-injecting the modified DHT resistant hair follicle cells back into their scalp.

More details should be disclosed by the company once they launch the product.
The Current Status of the product: Shiseido’s Japan phase 1 clinical trial started in 3rd quarter 2016 is now complete as per company’s website and news. Now whether they enter into phase 2 or directly launch the product. Its still not clear. But likely possibility is the treatment could become available in 2020. Because of the strong positive data from this trial, there is a strong possibility that Shiseido might decide to launch the product in Japan first. So keep your fingers crossed for the launch.
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