Pygeum: Natural Treatment For Men To Regrow Hair Naturally With No Adverse Side Effects

Pygeum: Natural Treatment For Men To Regrow Hair Naturally With No Adverse Side Effects

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The Big 3 Natural Treatments: #3 Pygeum
Pygeum aka Pygeum africanum

•Pygeum is a herbal remedy that is made from the bark of the “Prunus africana tree, also known as Pygeum africanum
It is an evergreen tree native to the higher elevations of central and southern Africa.
The plant started becoming well known in the 1700s. The powdered bark was used by African natives as a natural remedy to treat urinary problems. Early European travelers learned from South African tribes how to soothe bladder discomfort and
treat what was called “old man’s disease” with the bark. In North West Africa the bark along with the leaves and roots are steeped in water and used to treat fever. In the Mount Cameroon region, steeped bark is used as a tonic and to treat chest infections.

• African pygeum works wonders in many significant ways within your body. This herbal medicine helps reduce inflammation and relieve congestion, and is especially effective at lowering levels of inflammatory compounds in your prostate gland.

• The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center reports certain elements within the bark of African pygeum impairs your androgen receptors and either keeps your prostate cancer cells at bay or causes them to self-destruct. The anti-inflammatory effects of this herb are thought to be caused by certain phytosterols contained within.

• Pygeum is SAFE for most people. It can cause nausea and abdominal pain.
The Big 3 Natural Treatments
Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle, and Pygeum

So there you have it the Big 3 in the Natural treatments. There are other natural treatments out there but these are the most common ones. There are different ways to go about using these natural supplements to effectively go about treating your hair loss and I’ll be going over them with you in the next videos…again I’ll see you there.


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