Patient Review of the Hair Regeneration Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment using ACell ECM + PRP

Patient Review of the Hair Regeneration Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatment using ACell ECM + PRP

This man is seen undergoing a Hair Regeneration injection treatment developed by renowned New York hair restoration specialist/reconstructive/ cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Amiya Prasad. Shown is the preparation and application of the customized formulation of ACell extracellular matrix combined with platelet-rich plasma and Vitamin D. No surgery or hair transplant was performed. A single application of our Hair Regeneration non-surgical treatment has been effective in thickening hair in 99% of our male patients and about 70% of our female patients.

The results of hair thickening and regrowth took place two weeks after single session of the Hair Regeneration injection.

Each Hair Regeneration procedure is customized to the individual, using their own spun down blood to concentrate the platelets (the body’s own healing and growth factors), and ACell extracellular matrix, a material originally used in wound healing that has been proven to stimulate the body’s production of progenitor cells – adult stem cells that are proven to protect hair follicles from dihydratestosterone (DHT) that cause hair loss.
While this patient did not undergo a surgical hair transplant, the Hair Regeneration injection treatment can also be used in conjunction with surgical hair transplantation to ensure survival of transplanted hair follicles. While some hair transplant practices may have up to 10% of the transplanted hair follicles surviving, using Hair Regeneration can help with the survival of almost all the transplanted follicles, even exceeding 100% since it heals through duplication and simultaneously thickens existing thinned hair.

Prasad Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Regeneration has taken a leadership and innovation role in using ACell extracellular matrix and refining the formulation for hair loss treatment over the past three years. Dr. Prasad was the first to introduce micro-needling in applying ACell extracellular matrix for hair restoration. In addition to being among the pioneers of using ACell extracellular matrix for hair loss treatment, Dr. Prasad has been using ACell extracellular matrix for cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries for several years prior to using it for Hair Regeneration.

Unlike many hair restoration and transplant practices often offered by doctors with little surgical experience, Dr. Amiya Prasad one of the few oculofacial plastic surgeons and also super-specialist with cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries of the eyes and face. Dr. Prasad brings this expertise and precision in surgical closure to surgical hair restoration.

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