Nutrition for Hair Loss Treatments

Nutrition for Hair Loss Treatments

Nutrition for Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is the symptom of something out of balance in the body. Hair loss treatments need to address not only the symptom but also the cause; being what is out of balance in the body. The most common cause of body imbalance is lack of basic nutrition. We all know we need food to survive, but it is a bit more complex as it is the nutrients in the variety of food consumed that are supposed to deliver essential nutrients to our bodies.
The first problem here is that what we call food these days is not food. If it is in a packet, has an ingredient list longer than 5 natural ingredients, ingredients you cannot spell or pronounce means it is processed industrialized food of which is mainly chemical based, may have added nutrients to counteract the damaging effect of the chemical ingredients and ultimately do not deliver the essential nutrients we need for body balance.
So you turn back to real food, beef and chicken from the butcher, fish from the markets, fruit and vegetables from the green grocer or head to the convenience of the supermarket like most busy people these days. Wherever you turn to buy real unprocessed, unpackaged food, there are some questions you need to ask:
• Did the cow eat its natural diet of grass in the sunshine?
• So the chicken was free range, but what was it fed?
• Where was the fish was caught? Are the waters contaminated, or were they farmed?
• What do farmed fish get fed?
• Where were the fruit or vegetables grown, how far away?
• We’re chemical fertilizers and pesticides used on the soil and plants that grew the fruit and vegetables?
• How many minerals and natural organic com pounds were in the soil of the vegetables you are buying and consuming?
• Were the seed GMO (genetically modified)
To find the answers to these questions about your food is impossible for most people. We recently even tested the question theory out at a farmers market, thinking locally grown meant good food…. Wrong, one stall was so rude to even be asked the question about the soil which they did not care about, just buy my produce. The real organic farmer was pleased to share their story and journey, but had to admit, organic does not ensure all the minerals are I the soil, but they do not damage it further by using chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
To get back to body imbalance and in turn hair loss and hair loss treatments, the human cell requires and intrinsic supply and balance and interaction of essential minerals and trace elements, essential fatty acids and all of the fat soluble and water soluble vitamins to create the antioxidants and enzyme reactions that support our immune system and in general, our cell health on a daily basis.

Our food chain has broken down and is letting us down so wherever we turn we cannot easily obtain the nutrients required for basic health and natural Hair Loss Treatments. The solution at Absolique Hair Health Clinic is to use nutritional supplements with our combination therapy Hair Loss Treatments while we help you to gain back a balanced diet and source real food that will provide you with all of the required nutrients.
For more information on our Combination Therapy and Natural Hair Loss Treatments contact Carolyn Evans Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic (07) 3229 3242


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