No hair no pain : A Bald Guys Aha Moment : Bold Guy Not Bald Guy

No hair no pain : A Bald Guys Aha Moment : Bold Guy Not Bald Guy

No hair no pain : A Bald Guys Aha Moment : Bold Guy Not Bald Guy. Bald Guy not Bold Guy. A balding man’s lament
Androgenetic Alopecia or natural hair loss, is a common problem among bald men of all ages, shapes , sizes and colour. Watch this short, animated, humorous video to learn more .
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Those vivid images still flash before my eyes.
Giorgio, my barber, complimenting my lush crop of hair.
Angelica, my friendly neighbor, playfully running her fingers through them.
Then there I was, on the dance floor, boogieing away to the latest Ricky Martin number,
hair swaying to the beat.
Alas, those were the days.
I was 35 when I first noticed the signs. It was devastating!
At least you are not alone, said Valencia, my wife, trying to be supportive.
Berlusconi is bald too. And he is prime minister, said little Sofia, offering NO help at all.
The destruction continued unabated.
If I could not defeat my enemy, I would understand him better.
I went to the professori: Professori Google.
Life is cruel. If I was a woman things may have not been this way.
I should have been born Chinese. They lose less hair than us.
Why am I Made in Italy? Could I not be Made in China!

Professori tells me that natural loss of hair is called Androgenetic alopecia.
Such a long term. I had to ask my friend Andrew to help me understand it.

We humans have around 5 million hair follicles on our bodies.
Around 100,000 of them are on the human head.
A hair follicle produces hair. Hair that Domenico is currently craving for.

Men also produce a hormone called testosterone .
It is important for sexual and reproductive development.

Human bodies also contain enzymes, substances that cause biochemical reactions.

And these enzymes convert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

Dihydrotestosterone is present, among other places, in hair follicles.

And Dihydrotestosterone, among other things, makes hair shorter and thinner!

This process is slow and it takes a long time before hair loss can be experienced.
Tough luck, Domenico.

I could be stressed and start smoking all over again.
But this could make things worse.

Maybe I should look at the bright side.
Think of the money saved on haircuts and shampoo. I will never grow gray.
And my beautiful eyes will stand out.

And bald men can be beautiful.
Come I will show you my collection. Aren’t they beautiful.
But Shhhhh! Don’t tell Valencia I said that. Ciao.