NEW! How To Apply an S CURL! Texturizer For Coarse Curly Hair! | BiancaReneeToday

NEW! How To Apply an S CURL! Texturizer For Coarse Curly Hair! | BiancaReneeToday

How to apply an S CURL Texturizer to coarse curly hair! So many of you enjoyed my last texturizer video so I decided to make another and try it on thicker coarse hair.

Make sure to watch my 1ST Scurl video where I answer a lot of SCURL questions.

1st SCURL VIDEO- How to Get Curls For Men

Also be sure to READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS! Very important notes to read before applying the texturizer:

– Do NOT get a haircut/ line-up RIGHT before (it will burn)
– Do NOT pick out your hair RIGHT before (it will burn)
– Do NOT use on color treated hair
– This will NOT work on straight hair. This is to simply relax already existing curls.

BEFORE YOU START! Make sure to read the instructions THROUGHLY.

Supplies Needed:
– S CURL Kit
– Fine tooth comb
– Shower

Kit used in video: S CURL , Regular strength
Price: $6.45
Where: Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Hair product stores
Amount of time the S Curl was left in: 21 mins

The man in the video is Nigerian. If your hair is coarse, leave in the texturizer longer as instructed.

Fine hair: 10- 15 mins
Medium: 15-25 mins
Coarse: 26 – 35 mins

Comb through until you start to see the texture you desire.

Once it is time to rinse out the texturizer, REALLY wash it ALL out. Shampoo TWICE. Use both shampoo packets given if necessary.

The stylin gel and the stylin spray will make your curls last longer. Feel free to experiment with other curly hair products like ECO Styler Gel or Shea Moisture.

Check out these videos here to see how to maintain your curls from day to day!

Shea Moisture Products for MEN with curly hair:

Shea Moisture Products for Curls:

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