Natural Treatments for Hair Loss in Women Post Partum Alopecia

Natural Treatments for Hair Loss in Women   Post Partum Alopecia

Natural Treatments for Hair Loss in Women – Post-Partum Alopecia

Every pregnancy will include Post-Partum Alopecia. Some women notice this and some don’t. Post-Partum Alopecia is post pregnancy diffuse hair loss. In the last trimester of pregnancy the daily quota of normal falling hairs remain attached to the hair bulb. 3 months after birth, 3 months after the menstrual cycle resumes or 3 months after cessation of breast feeding, the hair that remained will now fall along with the normal daily quota resulting in up to double the normal hair fall per day which could range from 140 – 360 hairs to be seen as hair loss every day! The hair loss will continue for 3 months, it cannot be stopped and many women notice a change to their hair volume and texture at this time and it is believed these hairs should start to re-grow within 9 -12 months.
What I am finding as a Trichologist is when the hair re-grows it is not growing back properly. This can be due to many reasons but most commonly related to:
• Iron deficiency
• Blood sugar fluctuations
• Fertility treatments
• Deficiency of Essential Nutrients

Combined with lack of sleep and all the stresses of being a new mother. Keep in mind here the miracle of a new life created from the body of the mother, if the mother was deficient in any essential element before, during or after pregnancy it can in turn effect how the hair re-grows. For many modern women they are having their children close together so as the body is recovering from pregnancy and post-partum alopecia the process begins again in an already nutrient deficient body.

When we talk nutrition it is much more than just the food you eat, it is the elements that are in the food even if you are eating 100% organic. And then it must be considered how the body is digesting, absorbing and transporting the nutrients throughout the body.
Natural strategies can be implemented during pregnancy and post-partum to limit the damage and assist in hair re-growth through many types of nutritional therapies and Natural Treatments for Hair Loss in Women – Post Partum Alopecia. Book and appointment with Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic to discuss the best options for you.


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