My Trial with iRestore Laser Hair Therapy – Shelley – iRestore Hair | RestOviebelle

My Trial with iRestore Laser Hair Therapy – Shelley – iRestore Hair | RestOviebelle

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System (also known as iRestore Essential, ID-500) is an FDA approved hair loss treatment and medical device for the treatment of alopecia, receding hairline, baldness and thinning hair to stimulate hair growth for men and women (note: this is NOT the iRestore Professional model)
6 months 100% money-back guarantee (users can expect visible hair improvement within 3 to 6 months (results may vary) If you do not see results with our laser hair loss products in 6 months, send it back for a FULL REFUND (NOTE: you MUST contact the Freedom Laser Therapy Seller directly for returns because the Amazon system only allows 30 days)
iRestore has been clinically examined by doctors and it has been proven that promotes hair growth for men and women in a recent study from 2017. In this clinical study, an astounding 100% of male and female users visible hair growth with an average increase in the number of hairs of 43.23% (Scroll down) to the RELATED VIDEO SHORTS sec below for more information)
Whether you are male or female, you can grow thicker, fuller and healthier hair quickly with iRestore’s clinical strength laser repair technology. You can use it alone or combine it with other treatments for hair loss; doctors believe that low-level laser therapy (LLLT) can be used to improve the results of other hair loss treatments (such as biotin supplements, hair growth shampoo, conditioner, foam, Rogaine, minoxidil, Propecia, finasteride and other hair growth products)
Developed in GMP certified facilities, this medical device for home use is durable, lightweight, comfortable, hands-free and easy to use (unlike a laser comb and brush that offers much less coverage AND requires constant hand movement, which is tiring, awkward and prevents you from continuing your day .

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