Mp retracts call for angaston mine closure

Mp retracts call for angaston mine closure

AUSTRALIA’S federal environment minister has hit out at Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government over the state of the Australian uranium industry, saying it’s facing significant challenges in its dealings with the Australian mining sector.

Chris Bowen told ABC’s AM program his government had had to be forced to negotiate with the state sector because it had been unable to resolve other major mining issues.

Mr Bowen said Australian companies must seek more access to its minerals, “and we have to ask ourselves what’s better; to make mining companies pay back the money they’ve lost, or for us to allow them to walk out the door as they go around the world and make millions with nothing in return”.

He said it was the prime minister’s problem rather than Labor’s, to respond to what was going on in a business environment in the industry바카라 게임.

“The prime minister, as we understand it, hasn’t had the sort of support to deal with the state sector’s economic concerns,” he said.

‘You’d have to ask the prime minister’

Mr Bowen said Mr Abbott’s government had had to address other issues경주출장마사지, including the proposed coalmine.

“What’s that meant to you and how would you describe it to him, is that the mine will take off, people will move and jobs will go somewhere else,” he said.

Mr Bowen said it was one of the biggest opportunities for the Australian mining industry since the Hawke Government’s controversial Adani coalmine in Queensland.

“You’d have to ask the prime minister about where the other opportunities are; where he would prefer to see those opportunities for Australian economic development, what would be the optimal investment?”

The new coalmine has been estimated to cost $50 billion to $60 billion.

Mr Bowen said he did not have the details of a deal for 코인카지노a new coalmine, and was hopeful his own government would get some help.

“For our part, the government has no plans at this stage to approve a new coalmine,” he said.

“We can’t give you all the information on how we might be able to proceed or what sort of conditions might be acceptable to the government of the day.”

A spokesman for Mr Bowen told Q&A the industry had agreed to meet with Labor government representatives, and had agreed to help set up the coalmine.

But Labor has not met with the company, Mr Bowen said.

“We haven’t met wit


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