Monthly PRP Hair Loss Injections Have Limited Results – Combo Treatment Lasts Years with 1 Treatment

Monthly PRP Hair Loss Injections Have Limited Results – Combo Treatment Lasts Years with 1 Treatment

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Someone simply asks how long platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections for hair loss lasts.

New York hair restoration specialist Dr. Amiya Prasad reviewed the question, and goes on to state in this video that PRP is useful in cosmetic treatments, and is a major component in hair loss treatment, but when used alone, PRP is is not a long-term solution for hair thinning and hair loss:

0:42 – Dr. Prasad’s experience in hair transplant, and PRP treatment outside of hair loss treatment
0:55 – Dr. Prasad founding a treatment and hair loss center that uses PRP+extracelluar matrix by ACell for non-surgical hair restoration
1:43 – Why an exact time is difficult to answer because hair loss is different among individuals
2:33 – PRP does stimulate some hair growth, and is useful by itself and in combination with other materials in other cosmetic and regenerative uses
3:00 – How Dr. Prasad discovered that PRP with extracellular matrix (ECM) is a long-term solution for hair loss with and without hair transplants
3:40 – How TrichoStem Hair Regeneration combination treatment is only a one-time treatment for the majority of patients, and lasts at least 3-5 years
3:51 – When a second TrichoStem Hair Regeneration treatment is needed for more advanced hair loss cases
4:00 – Why PRP alone does not reverse hair thinning, or thicken hair
4:15 – Why the PRP + extracellular matrix treatment stops hair loss, thickens hair, and enables continuous hair growth
4:29 – How often Dr. Prasad follows patients’ progress after the TrichoStem Hair Regeneration treatment
5:07 – PRP injections for hair loss require monthly injections, and benefits only last a few months after stopping, so the cycle starts again
5:51 – Why TrichoStem Hair Regeneration is a non-surgical and non-drug alternative for hair loss treatment

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