Mane n Tail 2 month HAIR GROWTH review!

Mane n Tail 2 month HAIR GROWTH review!

Hey guys 2 month update!!!

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Mane n tail is a great product! A worthy purchase if you want to grow your hair long!

I again forgot something! which was to mention my update on taking Folic Acid tablets and Vitamin D supplements! I took them for 2 weeks straight then started taking A-Z vitamins for 2 weeks now and they have definitely helped towards this hair growth because in the first month i was only using the shampoo and only noticed roughly about an inch growth whereas using Mane n Tail alongside taking these tablets its grown about 2 1/2 inches. I can’t take Folic acid, Vit D with A-Z tablets in one day without overdosing myself on Vitamins LOL the pharmacist said the dosage of Folic acid and vit D are stronger in there individual tablets therefore you cant take them on the same day as your A-Z tablets so from now on I’m going to take A-Z Vitamins everyday and on Fridays only take Folic Acid and Vit D to give my hair a boost of them essential vitamins!

Hope this video helps please comment for any advice on hair growth or the products!



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