Managing Thyroid Problems – Perimenopause And Menopause

Managing Thyroid Problems – Perimenopause And Menopause

If your thyroid gland is sluggish and not producing enough hormones, then you will almost certainly notice that you srat to develop a lot of symptoms.

Thyroid problems symptoms can include:

Brain fog
Poor or worse memory function
Constipation of other gut issues
Hair loss
Irregular menstruation

With all these symptoms inevitably comes a lower emotional state. Anxiety, depression and typically a big sense of frustration is something that many people start to experience.

Your clothes are now tight to put on or don’t fit at all.

You have little or no energy, don’t feel like exercising and as a result of less movement, you put on more weight. It’s a vicious circle.

So what can you do to help you manage thyroid problem through menopause or perimenopause?

This is exactly what I talk about in my video today:

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