LIVE Q and A with Lee Hayward – bodybuilding, diet, and fitness tips

LIVE Q and A with Lee Hayward – bodybuilding, diet, and fitness tips

The time stamps for the video chat are posted in the video description below…

02:05 – What are the best three tricep building exercises in your opinion? At this stage in your life, you probably don’t care but do you think you’d max out again just for fun?

10:32 – When trying to lose weight, is it better to cut out fruits and dairy or have them in moderation?

18:05 – Are pushups a good way to build the upper body, if yes, how do I keep progressing?

21:03 – What are your thoughts on RPE (Rating on Perceived Exertion)?

23:33 – What pre-workout supplements have you used in the past? I know you took the month off caffeine, but what pre-workout products have you been using in the past?

28:40 – What are the health benefits of green tea? I drink that every day.

31:22 – Can guys over 50 still gain muscle if they train hard and eat well and still have decent testosterone levels?

34:43 – I have a workout routine at the minute designed to build muscle. I attend the gym 4 to 5 times a week. 4 times doing my workout and other times going on the treadmill to improve my cardio. Do you think you could help me precisely arrange my workout routine? I’m 16 years old and determined.

38:48 – I finish the Blaster Bench Program (BYB) today and I’m gonna max out on May 3rd. Thinking of starting a channel soon, any tips for getting started?

40:41 – What motivated you to start bodybuilding?

47:25 – I was able to get my hands on a tractor tire and sledgehammer and plan on using it on my off days. How would I structure a proper workout for it?

50:07 – Is it true that leg extensions are bad for your knees?

52:33 – When I lift, I imagine ridiculous things like I’m strong enough to bench press the moon or preacher curl Halley’s Comet. Have you ever done while lifting, is it a psychological thing?

53:07 – With a clean diet and good training, roughly how long would it take to drop body fat from 18% to 13%?

53:56 – I’m 38 years old. I feel like my testosterone levels are getting low. Any advice?

55:26 – What are you doing to get glutes in shape? My hamstrings doing all the work.

59:12 – Do you think Steve Laureus was robbed in the Arnold?

01:00:32 – What kind of queues do you use for the Romanian deadlift? My back isn’t rounding towards the ground but I’m overarching too much and my back gets fatigued.

01:03:25 – Can I follow a low carb diet and still see gains?

01:05:52 – How do you keep track in the gym even if you have bad times, feel depressed, how to encourage yourself against these bad moments?

01:11:06 – Has anyone faced foot pain after a leg press or squat? Recently it’s started with my left foot and the pain is in space between the heel and the middle of the feet.

01:15:54 – If I was going to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday which is what I do at the minute on my off days, would it be alright to do a bit of boxing in the gym and work on technique as well as doing cardio or would that interrupt with my recovery?

01:18:26 – What to do when you have a lot of joint pain?

01:19:37 – How do you bulk as a prediabetic? Do you have any macronutrient recommendations?
01:21:45 – How can I get rid of joint pain? It’s really nagging me, it’s affecting my workouts. I can’t work out intensely. Any supplements that you recommend?

01:24:59 – Does the use of creatine increase the chance of hair loss?

01:27:48 – New Muscle Building Challenge!

Every Friday at 3:30 PM EST Lee Hayward hosts a live video chat discussing strategies and mindsets to help men build muscle, lose fat, and get back in shape.

So if you’d like to chat about your workouts, need some help with your nutrition program, or have any questions about building muscle, losing fat, injury prevention, etc… Then tune in next Friday for our live chat and we’ll discuss some strategies that are right for you!

Lee will cover muscle building and fat loss tips for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. So if you have a question, be sure to tune in for the live streaming video Q & A.

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