KeraHealth Supplement Review – Does it really slow hair loss & improve hair quality?

KeraHealth Supplement Review – Does it really slow hair loss & improve hair quality?

This video was sponsored by KeraHealth. Recently, KeraHealth reached out to me to test their unique and patented formulation to promote healthy hair from the inside out and if I liked it, to do a sponsored video. Since so many women experience thinning hair as we age – to include myself – I was excited to try it. and The formulation was developed in France, tested in Italy, and is manufactured in the U.S. After 6 weeks on the product, I’m impressed. In this video, I share some of the reasons I was willing to try it and why I will continue taking KeraHealth for a full six months so I can reap the maximum benefits.

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The breakthrough formula of KeraHealth uses naturally sourced, drug free, clinically tested nutraceutical ingredients. The KeraHealth Womens and KeraHealth Mens formulas contain targeted blends of vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants together with KerCysteine, their exclusive product. KerCysteine is a highly soluble and ingestible form of keratin that has been naturally sourced and clinically tested to ensure its safety and efficiency.

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