Is AVEDA Invati worth the money??? Thinning/Fine Hair

Is AVEDA Invati worth the money??? Thinning/Fine Hair

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A review on my thoughts of the Aveda Invati solutions for thinning hair. I had been toying with the idea of purchasing this product trio since it was introduced to the market! To be honest, the cost is what had kept me away until recently. One of my friends had tried it and said that she liked it so I thought it was about time to make the splurge and buy it!! The total cost for the trio is $130 canadian.

The reason I wanted to purchase this product was to see if my hair would get thicker at all and I can say that it did. Just a little. However if you have fine or thin hair, even a little bit can make a difference!!
I dont necessarily have hair that is thinning…it just has been thin/fine for many years. With both of my pregnancies and while nursing, my hair got quite a bit thicker. And then once I stopped nursing, my hair fell out to the point it was pre-pregnancy. So I wanted to see if this product would help thicken my hair a little again and I was pleasantly surprised!!

I would purchase this trio of products again, however I personally would do it once a year. I think its good to switch up your shampoos every so often anyways. I will say that I always stick to the Aveda brand as I love it and have loved whats its done for my hair over the years.

So if you are considering buying this and want to slightly thicken your hair, then I say do it!!! At least try it. It is worth it in my opinion!

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