How to Use Natural Hair Dye

How to Use Natural Hair Dye

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If you seek a new do without the harsh chemicals, these steps will give you the locks you’ve been looking for.

Step 1: Open kit
Open your hair-dye kit and become familiar with its contents. Read any warnings or precautions before starting.

Before using any hair coloring product, test a small area of your scalp to check for allergies according to the package directions.

Step 2: Set up
Set up your workstation near a sink, being sure to wear an old t-shirt and using a towel you don’t mind staining.

Natural hair dye does not contain bleaching agents such as ammonia but will stain on contact.

Step 3: Mix
Mix your tint with the included developer following the directions on the package.

Step 4: Apply
Put on your latex gloves and apply the mixture to your roots. Use a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the coloring through your hair.

Step 5: Massage
Massage the dye into your hair using your fingertips and allow it to set according to the directions.

Use an egg timer to avoid over exposure and don’t get distracted with other activities.

Step 6: Rinse
Rinse your hair thoroughly with a gentle shampoo such as baby shampoo.

Step 7: Style
Style your hair as desired. The full effect of the dye will take 24 to 48 hours to develop, so be patient.

Did You Know?
Natural hair-dye kits account for just ten percent of the hair coloring market – about $1.25 billion annually.


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