How to Supercharge Your Love Life After Menopause

How to Supercharge Your Love Life After Menopause

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Reaching menopausal age does not mean that you stop enjoying lovemaking, there may be issues, but those can be remedied with our helpful tips on how to supercharge your love life after menopause.

Menopause can bring up mixed emotions; some think of it as liberating, while others think of it as a scary transition with too many changes to cope with. Among the many physical and emotional concerns of women during this stage is the change in their lovemaking desires drive. Due to the low levels of lovemaking hormones, almost half of the women at the menopausal stage experience issues related to lovemaking, such as dryness, lack of libido, increased discomfort during intercourse, and others. Unlike men who have the “little blue pill” to turn to, post-menopausal women do not have a medication fix that can get them instantly into the mood. If you can relate to this scenario, there’s no need to worry. A good number of solutions exist to help you learn how to supercharge your lovemaking life after menopause – Waysandhow.


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