How To Spot a FAKE "Alpha" Male (10 Signs You're NOT Alpha)

How To Spot a FAKE "Alpha" Male (10 Signs You're NOT Alpha) To Grab The Complete Guide to Hair Restoration and $250* Bosley Gift Card toward a Bosley procedure
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Alpha reminds viewers that you see online isn’t always reality — it can be smoke and mirrors. A lot of these people (ie: posting pictures with beautiful women, cars, and being ‘incredibly amazing’) aren’t necessarily people that you shouldn’t emulate or look up to. They can be shallow and insecure. What makes you incredible and alpha is being authentic, confident, and kind to other people.

Identifying FAKE Alphas

1. They always say ‘no homo’
2. They’re automotive-ly annoying
3. They ‘humble’ brag
4. They always need to be in a relationship or around a bunch of pretty girls
5. They are always reminding you about how charming, handsome, smart, good looking, incredible, and amazing they are
6. They are constantly in every mirror and reflective surface, preening
7. They are always flexing, showboating, and showcasing
8. They take & post a lot of selfies
9. It’s never their fault, and they never accept responsibility
10. They are mean and put other people down

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