How to Slow Hair Loss in Men

How to Slow Hair Loss in Men

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Hair loss is the result of numerous different reasons, but that does not mean you can’t stop or prevent it. Here are some rules you can follow that will help the health of your hair!

1. Don’t wash your hair too often. When you first recognize thinning hair or balding, you might react by washing it more. This is not as good as you would first believe as you will be stripping the hair of its essential oils. If you work out or do lots of physical work then it is completely fine. Try to limit washing as much as you can, and even lower the amount of shampoo you use.

2. Eat a well balanced diet. Your diet is a large contributing factor to hair loss. The genetic make-up of your hair consists of proteins, so a diet with good protein sources can support hair health. Good nutrition will boost hair health and help regrow hairs as well. Try avoiding fast food, processed food, and stick to fruits, vegetables, and meat products.

3. Cut your hair short. One of the easiest and effective things you can do for hair loss is keeping your hair short. A buzz cut or other short hairdos are extraordinary for men with thinning hair. They will make it look a lot better and it is easier to maintain. You can style it, leave it down, and do anything you would like. Longer hair tends to make thinning hair more pronounced and should be avoided.

4. Grow some facial hair. Generally some facial hair can add to your looks and take away attention from the top of your head. All you need is a little stubble or feel free to grow a big beard if it suits you! It is a common look for balding men to have facial hair, try it out!

5. Embrace it. Just accept that you are losing your hair – it happens to a ton of us gentlemen and now and again we can’t make a difference. As opposed to letting it get you down, use it to further your confidence. Focus on the more important parts of your life, and just let the hair loss take its course. A lot of celebrities and famous people are bald or are on their way. You should not feel bad for going through this as it is so common, even for the people we admire and look up to in life.

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