How To Keep Your Hair Healthy | My Secrets Revealed | Devon Windsor

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy | My Secrets Revealed | Devon Windsor

Happy Sunday everyone!! Hope you guys had an amazing weekend. I just returned home from a job in Barcelona and my hair was feeling so dead and dry after the show and the flying! I wanted to film a vlog on how I keep my blonde hair healthy and thick! A lot of you requested this on my last upload, my healthy morning routine, and therefore I wanted to share all my secrets and tips with you all!

Believe it or not, I actually went through a phase when I double processed my hair platinum blonde for a couple years, and literally all my hair broke off! It has been a long journey of recovery for my hair (extra difficult because being a model, I can never give my hair the break it needs!) But here I am a couple years later and my hair is feeling better than ever! And I still highlight it!
PS– Dyson was very accommodating and has already sent me a new Airwrap, I think I fried it when I was over seas! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy and I am always available to answer any of your questions! DISCLAIMER- this video is NOT an ad or sponsored by anyone. A couple people mentioned their concerns on my last vlog and I am here to tell you that it is not true! Trust me, you will know when it is because I have to put # ad or sponsored on it! These are genuinely the products that I use in my everyday life, and I just wanted to share what works for me! Hope you love this!

To Shop the Products I Use-

• Heat Protecter Spray-

• Purple Shampoo-

• Leave in Conditioner-

• Dyson Hairdryer-

• Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray-

• Tangle Teezer Brush-

• Hair Pills-

• Hair Scrunchies-

• Hair Clip-

• Round Brush-

• Dry Shampoo-

• Comb-

• Living Proof Hair Serum-

• Honest Truly Restored Shampoo-

• Honest Truly Restored Conditioner-

• Phyto Mask-

• Dyson Hair Wrap-

• Maison Pearson Hairbrush-

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