How to Grow Hair Faster – Vitamins for Long Hair Growth

How to Grow Hair Faster – Vitamins for Long Hair Growth

Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth

Healthy hair usually starts from the inside by taking right foods. As everybody is aware of it, genetics play a major role in hair growth rate. However, by eating right food and regular exercise one can maximize their hair growth naturally. Your body may not have what it requires growing your hair efficiently, if you cannot provide it with proper nutrition. It is vital to follow a balanced diet. There are certain foods that are crucial for your hair growth, find them below:


Most of the part human body is made up of water. Proper hydration is crucial for the body to function well that includes hair growth and production of sebum. Our body takes water from the foods we eat as well as the fluids we drink. Your water intake should always come from normal drinking water and not from beverages such as juices or soda drinks.


Our hair is primarily made up of a protein called keratin. This is found rich in poultry foods, fish, sea food, and soya based products, tofu, eggs, and nuts. You will see a significant change in your hair growth once you start taking above foods.

Healthy Fats

Having healthy fats in our body is as important as other foods. Too low fat diets can impact negatively on your hair growth, nails, and the total appearance of your skin. Oils such as olive oil and canola oil are important for hair growth. Oils that found in nuts and fish will also improve your hair growth. It is believed by many that Omega 3 fatty acids improve hair growth and skin texture.

Omega 3 fatty acids can be found rich in the below items:
Salmon fish
Flax seeds and flax seed oil


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