Are you feeling itchy sensation on your scalp? I’m sure most of us must have faced this problem at some point in our lives. Don’t worry because there are dime a dozen home remedies for dry scalp to free you from this problem. If your hair becomes unmanageable very often, and is prone to itching and breaking then dry scalp might be the reason. If DRY scalp is not treated well, it causes itchiness of the scalp and several other issues. If you are facing dry scalp problems, stop using expensive hair care products and head straight to your kitchen for some home remedies for dry & itchy scalp.

When you talk scientifically, the scalp contains sebaceous glands which keep it moisturized and healthy. Due to various factors, the amount of sebum you produce can vary. Therefore, when your scalp looses moisture then dryness sets in.
Did you know dandruff can be a cause for an DRY scalp? Yes, it’s true! Dry flakes falling over your shoulders can look awkward in public and be a cause for concern if not treated in time. Many of us blindly condition our hair in order to get rid of a DRY scalp, but is this the only solution? Well, you must consider the amazing results of natural remedies at the comfort of your home.
The scare of hair fall can give you sleepless nights due to a dry scalp! Cosmetics can never guarantee a lifelong treatment for a dry scalp but home remedies for dry scalp will surely give you guaranteed results. Slowly but surely!

* Major causes of DRY & Itchy scalp are:-

• Extensive use of chemical products
• Extensive use of shampoos and conditioners on hair 
• Exposure to harsh climatic conditions like direct sunlight 
• Regular blow drying and using heat to dry the hair
People addicted to styling products and do not take proper nutrients are prone to dry scalp.

* Symptoms of DRY & Itchy scalp:-

• Itchiness 
• Flaky scalp 

*Here are some natural home remedies for DRY & Itchy scalp:-

Did you know that some people who are addicted to styling products and do not take proper nutrients are prone to dry scalp. You don’t always have to shell out loads of money in order to get rid of a dry scalp. Resort to natural remedies that are safe and healthy to use at the same time. Treating a dry scalp can be easy with all the ingredients available in your kitchen. How can we ignore the cold weather that dries the scalp! Winter is another major cause for DRY scalp situations.

How To Get Rid Of Dry & Itchy Scalp?
Here are some home remedies for dry & itchy scalp that deliver you quick results. Do go through them and try them out too. You will e amazed with the results!

1. Tea tree oil:
Tea tree oil, with its powerful anti fungal and antibacterial properties, makes for an incredible home remedy for dry scalp. The use of natural oils provides excellent nourishment and moisturisation which fights itchiness, flakiness and dryness and thereby prevent conditions related to dryness of the scalp. This is the first dry scalp treatment.

2. Lemon juice and honey:
This extraordinary mixture amazingly treats a dry scalp. Honey and lemon with its cleansing and antibacterial properties make for a successful duo. Applying lemon juice and honey mixture to a dry scalp can help treat the condition naturally. This is a very effective home remedy for dry scalp.

3. Coconut Oil:
Coconut oil is one of the most widely used dry scalp remedies. It restores the natural moisture of the scalp and prevents dryness and flakiness. Apply warm coconut oil gently onto the entire scalp, massage for a while and then rinse.

Still wondering how to get rid of dry scalp. Try these remedies and see the difference yourself.

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