How to Fade Hyper-pigmentation (IMMEDIATE RESULTS ) Before & After Part 2

How to Fade Hyper-pigmentation (IMMEDIATE RESULTS ) Before & After Part 2

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Here are all the ingredients you will need for this face mask:

1.) Yogurt 4 tsp.
2.) Lemon 1/2 = lemons are a great source for skin lightening because it is a natural bleacher. It helps with the hyper pigmentation of the skin and even everything all out really well as well as keeping the skin very youthful.
3.) Potato- Make sure to use raw potatoes. Potatoes are a great ingredient to use incase of unwanted tans. In our culture thats a real big issue so potatoes are well known to get rid of the tans you may not need.
4.) Baking Soda- Baking soda is used as an exfoliant.[3] It won’t lighten the skin you’re in, but it can remove sun-damaged skin cells that have darkened.
5.) Honey- Because the soda dries out the skin badly, it is important to also hydrate it. So using the honey will help keep it hydrated.

You start off by mixing all the ingredients together. Once you have them mixed, go ahead and apply it all over your face in circular motion for five minutes. Once you do that leave it on for 5 minutes or until it is dry and than wash it off. PLEASE proceed with your moisturizer to make sure your skin is not going to be dry and irritated.


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