How to Derma Roll for Hair Loss – Hair Regrowth

How to Derma Roll for Hair Loss – Hair Regrowth

Why and How to Use a Dermaroller to fight Hair Loss!

Hey my Fellow Follicle Frontiersmen! In this video I will explain how dermarolling or microneedling can be used to augment a hair loss regimen that includes finasteride and minoxidil. Of course, derma rolling can be used on it’s own and will likely yield limited results dependent on how aggressive your own hair loss is. But it absolutely works best when partnered with finasteride and minoxidil, as is supported by studies on the effect of microneedling on hair regrowth.

This is a longer form video that includes something for everyone. Please use the time stamps below and in description to navigate to the sections that interest you the most.

In the first half, I focus on the technical aspects of derma rolling, referencing various studies along the way. You can find links to these studies below.

The second half focuses on the derma rolling process and precautions.

What is Derma rolling – 0:47
Statistic about Finasteride and Minoxidil efficacy – 2:13
What happens under your skin after you derma roll? – 3:52
Which size derma roller? – 5:37
Question of the Day – 7:09
What hair growth can you expect after derma rolling? – 8:22
Precautions with Derma rolling – 10:38
Before & after derma rolling pictures – 13:35


You can access the research studies via this google link drive. If you have questions, your answer is more than likely in one of these studies.


Sorry for the lighting issue guys. I know it’s going bright and dark in some sections. The sun wasn’t cooperating.


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