How to cure Alopecia Areata

How to cure Alopecia Areata
How to cure alopecia areata.
The first thing you need to clearly know what alopecia areata is. Most often, it is considered that this is an autoimmune disease, and our immune cells for no apparent reason begin to kill our own cells . This is of course to some extent explains the cause of the disease, but why all of a sudden they start to kill your cells? Mine explainations of the picture is different. The problem of insufficiency of the human aura, when it does not get it’s presence there begins the disease. The aura is the result of the integration of our sensations of the body, or when the vibration of all the cells are in resonance, then formed Aura. After a bit of stress in my life, I had alopecia, you can see it in the photo, I started Tyan Anmo and all was gone. It took about three months. But it works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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