Highly overlooked cause of hair loss: hard water // How to protect your hair from hard water

Highly overlooked cause of hair loss: hard water // How to protect your hair from hard water

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Highly overlooked cause of hair loss: hard water // How to protect your hair from hard water



Hello, this is Daniel from Endhairloss.eu, and in this video I will talk about a highly overlooked cause of hair loss: the type of water with which you wash your hair every day.
Water falls to earth as soft water, but it becomes what is called “hard water” when it comes into contact with subterranean minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and iron.

The presence of these minerals in water makes it very difficult for soaps and detergents to dissolve, reducing the effectiveness of any hair or scalp cleaning agents, whether they are organic or not.

These undissolved substances can leave a surface residue on your scalp, clogging pores, making the skin itchy and causing irritation, especially to those who already suffer from skin conditions like dermatitis.

In many cases this can trigger hair loss, because of the unhealthy conditions that it creates on the scalp.

Unfortunately, today, all around the world, water suppliers provide many households with what is considered to be hard water, and don’t you think this is a problem of the third world countries alone: only 15% of the United States, for example, has naturally occurring soft water, while the remaining 85% has to deal with the problems coming from taking showers and washing dishes with this type of water.

So, if you suspect that your water, (especially if it is coming from a public supply) has these characteristics, consider installing a water softener or a shower filter, to prevent future hair problems associated with hard water.
A good shower filter can allow you to remove over 90% of chlorine, along with other heavy metals while simultaneously disinfecting byproducts found in water.
If you really cannot install or afford a shower filter, wash your hair with distilled water when possible, and take shorter showers to reduce your skin’s exposure to hardened minerals.
The more you protect your skin against aggressive agents, the less vulnerable you are to severe dermatitis outbreaks and other skin conditions, which can trigger hair loss.
In my experience with the Endhairloss.eu customer support (where we teach a method to stop hair loss naturally) I have learned that in cases of hard water, it is necessary to try different organic shampoos, before you actually find the one that best suits your hair, and which washes it with that type of water, without irritating the skin.
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Thank you for your attention, and please comment below, telling me how you will use the info of this video to improve the condition of your hair and scalp!


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